Gaspard Takes 6th at Défi Kite In Gruissan

Ocean Rodeo Brand Ambassador Gaspard Dabbadie put Ocean Rodeo’s Flite on full display as a true performance kite last weekend at the Défi Kite 2018 De Grussian.

Gaspard was a force as he proved that tube kites can be as competitively fast as traditional race foil kites. Flying out on an Ocean Rodeo Flite he was drawing great attention as he finished 6th overall in a pool of 325 total competitors. In the top 10 finishes over the weekend, Gaspard was the only one to be using a Tube Kite. Optimistic about his finish he’s hoping to jump up more spots on future foiling events, knowing that the Flite will be the perfect tool for the job.

Gaspard’s magenta Flite turned heads throughout the weekend, drawing attention as a kite that has incorporated speed and foil riding into it’s design for this generation.